Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is What Happens When You Are Not Paying Attention

I had all of these great cooking and blogging plans for today. Yesterday I took a cooking class with my favorite Chef, Gaetano Di Benedetto. Lots to share. Today I began cooking some of the dishes we had learned, that is until I nicked the tip of my thumb off. (All the things I know about knife safety ...). I now have five stitches. I did finish our dinner though.

So, I be back on track soon to tell you about the class.



  1. hope the thumb is doing alright!

  2. Hi Kim, saw your posting about your Grandma's recipes. Have you seen the book Christy C did? She began it with her Grandma, so many of the pages feature Christy's shots of Grandma cooking in her own vintage kitchen. She lost her Grandma this past year, and completed the book on her own so that she could present it to the family as a holiday gift. It is a tender, beautiful tribute that will inspire you to jump into your own project, and I'm sure Christy can advise on how she assembled hers. Drop her an email!