Friday, September 10, 2010

Ahh. Paris

We arrived this morning and I am quite jet lagged right now.  I have struggled to stay alert until a reasonable bed time.  That time is fast approaching.

We made a full day of it.  While waiting for our apartment to be ready for us, we wandered up to Rue Lepic.  There we purchased a quiche for our lunch, and some plums and cheese for our dinner.

After lunch we hopped the metro, hoping to catch someone at the restaurant Frenchie, to inquire as to wether or not we had successfully made a reservation via long distance.  No one was there until 20:30 so we wandered the streets and shopped at G Detou and Dehillerin.  We stopped for a cold beer at a cafe, then walked to the river and headed back on the metro.

I knew we would not be awake enough for a dinner out, so wine, cheese, quince paste and the beautiful petite plums made the perfect meal.  Now I am waiting for the sun to set a little further and then I too will end my day.

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